Safe baby bottle

Impact and Heat-resistant Glass Baby Bottle

Non-toxic and safe

Soft and impact-resistant cover protects glass bottle.

Safe from any chemical elements(Non-toxic, BPA, PVC, Lead & Phthalates free).

Soft touch

Soft cover makes baby feels safe and rested by reminding mom’s skin.

keep warm

The cover with thermal Insulation keeps the milk warm until the last drop.



Glass bottle is one of the most sustainable material safe from bacteria and viruses(Plastic bottles need to be changed within 3-5 months).

Unbreakable glass baby bottle

JOHANSON bebis ‘Safe Baby Bottle’ is developed with special care for safe material and feeding usability. Liquid only touches its glass body and silicone nipple. The body is made of heat-resistant glass and the nipple is made of pure medical grade silicone that provide a safe, hypoallergenic way to feed baby without the leaching of harmful chemicals. Its glass body is lighter than any other glass baby bottle and its protective cover offers extra protection against breakage. Plus, the cover is made of eco-friendly EVA and PP providing soft touch and thermal insulation.